Study Tours

The Department of Retailing and Tourism Management offers many diverse opportunities for students to travel the world while earning course credit.  As an alternative to education abroad trips offered through the university, HMT students also have the ability to visit multiple countries and enjoy unique educational experiences outside of classrooms through our HMT 486 Study Tour course. HMT 486 is a pre-planned 3 credit course where students participate in a week-long domestic or international study tour with scheduled professional visits and tourism activities to expose students to hospitality activities and careers in worldly locations.

Our students have travelled to Panama, Paris, New York, Scotland, London, Florence, and many more! The ability to earn credit in a foreign country is an exceptional opportunity, and to make sure our students get to experience this, we offer scholarships and work with curriculum equivalencies to ensure these lifelong memories are made. 

Students can also participate in Education Abroad, which has several programs for students to participate in such as, study abroad, intern abroad, teach abroad, and research abroad.