Outcomes: What's in it for you?

As you enter college and try to decide which degree matches your interest, always think ahead about career opportunities and positions available.  With a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Tourism, you will have the opportunity to integrate concepts, philosophies, and components which are applicable to various careers such as:

      • Event Operations Manager/ Event Planner or Coordinator
      • Restaurant Manager
      • Hotel Operations Director
      • Hotel Manager
      • Director of Guest Services/Relations
      • Group Tour Director
      • Corporate Meeting Planner
      • Sales Director for a Venue or Property
      • Resort Owner
      • Banquet And Catering Director
      • Tourism Related, Small Business Owner
      • Non-Profit Executive Director
      • Local Tourism Coordinator
      • Festival and Event Director
      • Concert and Event Producer
      • Farm Tour Administrator
      • Winery, Distillery, or Microbrewery Tour Manager
      • Travel Agent

Average Salaries for Popular HMT Jobs

      • Restaurant Manager: $30,525-$65,237
      • Hotel Manager: $47,164-$152,759
      • Corporate Meeting Planner: $41,348- $73,620
      • Event Planner: $41,299-$73,533