Adults who want to further their career in the retail or tourism industries can now do so from home. As of fall 2017, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has launched its first online master’s degree program in retailing and tourism management.

“In many cases, in order to advance in these fields you need an advanced degree,” said Dr. Scarlett Wesley, director of graduate studies for the department. “This is an opportunity to reach those professionals already working in the industry who want to take that next step with their careers but can’t quit their jobs and come to campus.”

The online program offers the same content professors teach in classrooms. The same professors who lead the on-campus classes will also lead the corresponding online course. Each online class has an identical platform to maintain consistency and create familiarity within the program for students. Students in the online program can also choose to complete an internship instead of a thesis to graduate.

“The Retailing and Tourism Management Department has worked long and hard to make sure our students receive a high quality education,” said Dr. Vanessa Jackson, department chair. “The online master’s degree is an extension of this commitment.”

Interested students still have to meet the same guidelines and registration deadlines for the online program as students in the on-campus program.

To learn more, visit this page or contact Scarlett Wesley.

By: Katie Pratt